Signs Not to Ignore in Your Feet

If you experience any kind of a pain in your feet or notice any issues that don’t seem to go away with medications and other treatments, then consider seeing a podiatrist. When you wear sandals and other types of shoes that don’t offer the support that your feet need, then you’ll usually notice more issues than if you were to wear supportive shoes. There are a few symptoms that you want to pay attention to over others regarding your feet that often warrant an appointment sooner rather than later.

Sometimes, your feet might swell after doing a lot of physical activity or standing in one place for a long time. If you notice any swelling or abnormal pain that is not associated with physical activity and the symptoms only occur in one foot, then you should consider searching online for any podiatrist pasadena md in your area. Sometimes, issues that are only seen in one foot instead of both can be signs that there is something wrong with your kidneys or other organs in your body that might seem like they have nothing to do with your feet. An ingrown toenail is common as well. This should be removed by a podiatrist in a healthy setting instead of trying to remove it on your own.

Pay attention to the health of your toenails. If you notice any discoloration or any signs of an infection, then a podiatrist can usually safely cut the nail or remove a portion of it so that it can heal. It’s important to stop any kind of infection that you notice so that it doesn’t spread to the rest of your foot or to other areas of your body. Any kind of pain in your heel or your foot needs to be examined. A heel spur is a common issue that results from standing for long periods of time or from a lot of physical activity that involves putting a lot of pressure on the heels of your feet. If you have twisted or turned your ankle or your feet in an abnormal way, then you could have a sprain or even a fracture that you don’t know about. Your doctor can take an X-ray to determine what the issue is so that the proper treatments can begin. Surgery could be an option if the pain persists or if there are signs of a break or another issue that can’t be treated by other means.

Signs of being a diabetic sometimes show in your feet before they do in other areas of your body. Poor circulation is an issue that presents as swelling or pain in your feet. You might notice nerve damage or areas that don’t seem to heal as they should. If you notice any of these symptoms, then you should consider having your blood sugar checked to determine if you are a diabetic. Once you find out if you have diabetes, it’s important to take proper care of your feet as it’s a bit easier to develop infections in them compared to other areas of your body.